Ages 5-8 Egg Drop Challenge

This event is no longer on sale.

Sunday September 18

11:00 AM  –  4:00 PM

Egg Drop Challenge Competition Sponsored by:  OH WOW!®  

 Teams are required to purchase their own materials and build their Egg Drop

container prior to arrival at the competition.




The objective of this competition is to design and construct a container that will prevent a raw egg from breaking when the container is dropped.  The competition will be judged on whether or not the container can be dropped without breaking the egg from a given height.  The egg may be dropped from a drone at several different heights, from 25 ft, 50ft, or 100 ft, depending on wind speeds on the date of the event.


Judging Criteria

· Height of the last drop; or height from which the eggs did not break.

· Originality, feasibility, and reusability (in the case of a tie in highest drop).


Design Principals

The following principles constrain the design and materials used so that the competition is safe and does not damage OH WOW! Or City of Youngstown property. The judges will not allow a container to be dropped if they deem that it does not follow these principles:


Containers must:

1) Not be dangerous to spectators while falling or after impact

2) Not damage the landing surface

3) Not make a mess that cannot be quickly picked up after impact


The following rules are based on the principles listed above. However, the following rules do not exhaust every possibility and the judges have final discretion regarding what is not allowed within the design principles.  

· Containers must be ready for loading at the site of the competition.  Only the eggs supplied by competition officials on-site may be used.

· The container may be “fixed” between drops, in provided “Workstation”.

· Containers must be designed so that they may be dropped from any position.  They must also be immediately reusable.  And must be able to be attached to the drone using the provided hook.

· Container must entirely fit within a 20 cm × 12 cm × 12 cm cube before and within one (1) minute of drop.  It must hold one egg.

· Container must weigh less than 1.25 lbs.

· The container must hit a 30 ft × 30 ft landing zone on every drop.

· The judges must be able to access the egg for inspection within one (1) minute of landing.

· No parachutes allowed.  This will be strictly enforced.

· Must not break into many small pieces upon impact.

· Age brackets will be as follows:

· 5-8 yrs. old

· 9-12 yrs. old

· 13 and above


Must not contain:

‐liquid or gel

‐Food products

-Parachutes or wings of any kind

-Aerosol canned materials (such as silly string or spray insulation)

‐Many small pieces (such as shredded paper)

‐A large quantity of metal (such as a steel frame)

‐Styrofoam in any form.  

*To be absolutely clear, the judges may consider any material with the suffix FOAM to be Styrofoam.  A strict interpretation of this rule will be applied to all containers.  


Material Allowances:

· Wood

· Glue

· Paper products

· Straw

· Rubber

· Rubber bands

· Cardboard

· String

 · Plastics

· Bubble wrap

· Tape

· Yarn

· Cups

· Bowls